Tactical Shirt MPA-12

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Tactical Shirt MPA-12 The implication tight fit. Worn over the head, is on a refueling
Torso pritalen, with a margin on the length, spin lengthened - does not get out of his pants with active movement
Stand-up collar with zip to the neck height increases smoothly. Lined with knitted fabric for comfort and exhaust sweat. Lightning covered the entire length of the inside bar with a knitted lining, the top is bent outward to protect the chin
Raglan sleeve - no seams on the shoulders, not constrained freedom of movement of the hands. Articulated by bending arms cut
Gain elbow pads convex anatomical shape of NYCO fabric coated with the surface anti-scratch coating on the PVC as pimples. Pimples significantly increase the strength of the tissue abrasion and slip-ups in the elbow while smooth surfaces
Ability to set a gain elbow elbow pads D3O or similar polyethylene foam inserts its own production (included). Input for insertion / removal of inserts located on the inside of the sleeve and does not use customary for this purpose Velcro. This protects the pad from getting into the garbage and sand making reliable retention inserts
On the shoulders of a tractor vertical pockets on the zipper. Pockets volume, with pleats at the bottom and the rear. Large Velcro for fixing the chevrons. At the bottom of the loop Neaten for water drainage
Includes two caps for large Velcro arm-pockets - Velcro response, the main fabric trimmed costume.

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