Knives and Shovels

The army tools offered by Voensklad (Military Warehouse) store are always useful for equipping even short-term parking. To dig a fireplace to prevent the fire from spreading, to make a ditch near the tent in case of rain - the MPL-50 shovel (small infantry shovel) will be necessary here. For the same purposes, you can buy a new small infantry shovel from the Ratnik LMP 6E5 outfit. Well, if you buy a multipurpose knife 6E6 Ratnik (Warrior), then you will get in it a whole set of tools: saws, screwdrivers, pliers, awl, etc. A knife is for all standard and non-standard cases of life.

Multitool 6E6 Ratnik
$59.78 $64.29
Russian army multi-tool 6E6 is apart of Rat...
Russian army multi-tool 6E6 is apart of Ratnik combat gear. Original Ratnik multifunctional knife 6E6 wascreated for combat engineers. This multitoolis supposed to be for working with explosives.Comes withori..
Small infantry shovel new generation LPM 6E...
Small infantry shovel new generation LPM 6E5 is part of the Ratnik set.The difference between MPL-50 it's that LPM has sharper form, smaller weight, coarser metal, and overall high quality.Shovel LPM 6E5 is j..
MPL-50 - irreplaceable element of equipment...
MPL-50 - irreplaceable element of equipment of soviet infantry troops. Used for trevch digging, chopping wood and thicket. Can be used as deadly melee weapon...
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