Knives and Shovels

The russian army tools offered by Voensklad (Military Warehouse) store are always useful for equipping even short-term parking. To dig a fireplace to prevent the fire from spreading, to make a ditch near the tent in case of rain - the MPL-50 shovel (small infantry shovel) will be necessary here. For the same purposes, you can buy a new small infantry shovel from the Ratnik LMP 6E5 outfit. Well, if you buy a multipurpose knife 6E6 Ratnik (Warrior), then you will get in it a whole set of tools: saws, screwdrivers, pliers, awl, etc. A knife is for all standard and non-standard cases of life.
Knife 6H9 Ratnik
The original knife 6H9 Ratnik "KAMPO" is a ...
The original knife 6H9 Ratnik "KAMPO" is a civilian equivalent of a military army Ratnik combat knife 6H9. Not a cold steel (reduced guard). Civilian equivalent of Ratnik knife 6H9 is intended for use in ..
MPL-50 - irreplaceable element of equipment...
MPL-50 - irreplaceable element of equipment of soviet infantry troops. Used for trevch digging, chopping wood and thicket. Can be used as deadly melee weapon...
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