Ballistic Goggles

Eyes are the most vulnerable part of our body and lose sight at the time of active fighting is not difficult. A fragment or a piece of stone pierced by a bullet can get into the eye at any time of the exercise or battle. Ballistic anti-shatter glasses is the one of the way to save sight. Shop «Voensklad» offers you to buy anti-fragmentation glasses, or, as they are also called, ballistic glasses. The models are as follows: glasses 6B34 and glasses 6B50 Ratnik (Warrior). They are able to stop the shock wave with outside objects, aimed at the user's eyes. They are meet the established standards and ensure the safety of the eyes in extreme situations. Also in this section, we suggest choosing the so-called active headphones (headsets with an active hearing protection system) - a headset GSH-01, GSH-01-01 6M2-1, etc.
Ballistic goggles 6B50. Producer NPP KLASST...
Ballistic goggles 6B50. Producer NPP KLASSTacticalgoggles 6B50 is a part of Ratnik equipment II generation. Can be wear with 6B47 and 6B7-1M helmets.Maincharacteristics of googles 6B50:● provideprotection aga..
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