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6B51 Ratnik Protective Set
$58.80 $66.64
Knee and elbow pad se...
Knee and elbow pad set 6B51 is a part of Ratnik combat gear. It is designed to protect knee and elbow joints.The weight of the kit 6B51 is not more than 0.5 kg.The operating temperature ranges from -40 ° C to..
Multitool 6E6 Ratnik
$59.78 $64.29
Russian army multi-to...
Russian army multi-tool 6E6 is apart of Ratnik combat gear. Original Ratnik multifunctional knife 6E6 wascreated for combat engineers. This multitoolis supposed to be for working with explosives.Comes withori..
VKPO (VKBO) Winter Uniform Kit
$90.16 $117.60
Modern Russian extra ...
Modern Russian extra warm military uniform VKPO (VKBO) (all-season base equipment kit) Ratnik digital camouflage by BTK group. The uniform consists of jacket on zipper and trousers (zippers on both sides). Un..
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