Cubit Protection and Kneepads

In our online store you can buy a set of protection joints KZS 6B51 two colors – EMR (uniform masking coloring) and desert (Syrian) colors. Kits 6B51 are part of the combat equipment Ratnik. This set perfectly protects the elbow and knee joints. The joint protection kit is made of impact-resistant plastic, does not constrain movements, but at the same time is firmly fixed on the body.

Russian Army original 6B51 joint protection...
Russian Army original 6B51 joint protection set supplyed with Ratnik equipment set (for Syria) . Designed to protect soldier's joints of different sorts of impact in combat. Pads are ajustable and have inner ..
6B51 Ratnik Protective Set
$58.80 $66.64
Knee and elbow pad set 6B51 is a part of Ra...
Knee and elbow pad set 6B51 is a part of Ratnik combat gear. It is designed to protect knee and elbow joints.The weight of the kit 6B51 is not more than 0.5 kg.The operating temperature ranges from -40 ° C to..
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