Russian Future Soldier

Military equipment with exoskeleton and electronic visor "Alyosha" will go to the Russian troops by 2020.

Oleg Faustov, in an interview with the journalists of "Interfax-AVN", shared the details of creating a domestic combat exoskeleton. According to him, active development of devices is underway in our country, which increase physical capabilities of fighters. 

In addition, for "equipment of the future" an electronic module was developed to assess the physical condition of the serviceman:
"This module allows you to register in real time physiological parameters of the body, among which the most informative are: heart rate, electrocardiogram, respiratory rate, pulse characteristics of the vascular system, pressure, etc.", the RF Defense Ministry reported.

In addition, the next version of "Ratnik" will receive a special helmet. The commander of the unit in this helmet will be able to see the location of his subordinates on the battlefield and their condition.

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