Navy Combat Dive Knife NV

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The Russian Navy combat dive knife NV is designed for operation in fresh and sea water at temperatures from minus 2 to plus 35 degrees Celsius.

Navy dive knife can be also used as a ruler.

The dive knife NV is part of the SVU-5 (navy diver equipment), adopted for the Russian Navy service.

Characteristics of a diving knife:
 Length  of a dive knife- 14 inch;
 Blade length - 7,2 inch;
 The blade width of a diving knife is - 1,5 inch;
 The thickness of the blade of a diving knife is 0,2 inch;
 The mass of the HB knife with scabbard and fastening elements 0.700 kg;
 Steel 440C 440B;
 Hardness of the dive knive steel 56.5 HRC.

Complection dive knife NV set:
 Knife diving "NV" 1 pc;
 Sheath with fasteners 1 pc.;
 Safety rope 1 pc.;
 Grinding bar 1 pc.;
 Certificate of Conformity 1 pc.;
 Test report 1 pc;

sertificate navy dive knife

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