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The full set of VKPO (VKBO) is a multi-level system that includes several layers of clothing. The use of various combinations of these layers makes it possible to provide comfortable work for a serviceman under different weather conditions with different physical loads. The minimum composition of the clothes of the VKPO kit is designed to work at temperatures above + 15 ° C. In the maximally insulated VKPO (VKBO) configuration it protects from temperatures down to -40 ° C. The ability to combine layers in accordance with the weather and the planned intensity of work is one of the main advantages multigrade set of field uniforms.

The full set of VKPO clothing system includes:

1) VKPO summer suit

2) VKPO winterproof jacket

3) VKPO warmed vest

4) Soft shell cold weather VKPO suit

5) VKPO membranr suit

6) VKPO winter suit

7) VKPO 1st layer summer underwear

8) VKPO 1st layeyr long underwear

9) VKPO winter ushanka hat

10) Balaklava VKPO

11) VKPO mittens

12) Haversack VKPO

13) VKPO 2nd layer fleece underwear

14) VKPO army cap

15) VKPO tube scarf

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