Universal One-Shoulder back А-ТАCS

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This tactical bag is designed for wearing across one shoulder. The bag is equipped with the MOLLE system for the possibility of attaching additional pouches to it. The bag is made of high quality materials, and is designed for everyday use.
- The shoulder strap is attached to the bag on the carabiner and the fastex fastener.
- A large pocket can put in itself cards, a tablet and similar in volume things.
- Small pocket of the bag is designed to accommodate small items in it, for example, ID cards, a small walkie-talkie, a mobile phone and similar in size things.
- The smallest pocket can hold such a small object as a passport or permission to carry a weapon.
- Under the back cover there is a large compartment for different needs, which closes on the rivet.
- In the upper part of the bag, which is attached to the shoulder strap, there is also a small hidden pocket.
- On the back of the bag there is a Velcro fastening, which allows you to fasten the bag to the waist belt.
Size: 24cm x 18.5cm
Can be in different colors (EMR, olive).

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