6Sh116 Tactical Vest "Scout-Shooter"



6Sh116 tactical vest chest rig system in digital flora EMR camo pattern.

Unloading 6Sh116 utmbs system consists of three elements: traffic vest, one of the three sets of emp pouches designed for a machine gunner, sniper, or arrow, as well as patrol pack with a capacity of 25 liters. Each of these elements is made in such a way as to ensure convenient and easy transportation or individual combat marching calculations, as well as quick access to any part of the equipment. The high efficiency of the system has long been marked by servicemen of the Russian army, hunters and members of the military and sports games.

Unloading system 6sh112 utmbs become a reliable assistant for you in your difficult but interesting work!

Pouches of 6sh112 compatible with 6b45 armor ratnik and BNZ 6b46.

Vest with many pouches and backpack in "scout-shooter" set includes:

– Vest base (6SH116 umtbs)

– 2 pouches for: 2 AK74(AKM) mags + signal rocket pouch;

– 2 pouches for: 2 AK74(AKM) mags;

– 4 hand grenades (RGO, RGN, RGD-5, F-1) pouches;

– 2 universal pouches (120x35x95 mm);

– 1 pouch for entrenching shovel;

– 1 battle rucksack (7 L);

+ VOG25 2 pcs

+ Medical 1 piece

+ Radio 1 piece

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