Headset GSSh-01

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Headset GSSh-01 6M2 is a part of “Barmitsa” combat system. Designed to be worn with helmets. Russian tactical headset is created for monitoring the situation cutting loud noise (gunshots, explosions, etc.). In practice, due to the built-in microphones, army headset amplifies quiet sounds, that can’t be caught by the human ears without special equipment, and reduces loud noises (such as shot).

Limitation and locking of the noise signal exceeding 115 dB

Operating frequency range from 200 Hz to 4000 Hz

-Voltage Power of element AAA 1.0 1.5 V.

-Time Continuous operation of the power supply AAA not less than 72 hours

MTBF is the mean of at least 7000 hours.

The mass of the headset more than 0,330 kg

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