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Tactical MOLLE vest 6Sh117 is used in Ratnik combat gear system. 6Sh117 vest is an updated version of 6Sh112. The vest can used with or without body armor vest. Has large internal pockets for storing maps, documents or mission briefing. Fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps make this a one size fits most vest.

To reduce the risk of overheating and improve air bases plates vest made of synthetic power grid. With the possibility to carry hydration on the back. Tactical vest 6Sh117 has more MOLLE space than on 6Sh112.

Set Senior Rifleman includes:

Vest platform (6Sh117)

2 AK74 mag with reactive lightning cartridge (ROP) pouches

2 AK74 mag pouches

4 grenade pouches

2 general purpose pouch

2 grenade launcher round (VOG-25) pouches

1 canteen pouch

1 small 7-liter storage backpack

25-liter storage backpack (if you choose this in the configurations)

Our suppliers are the official suppliers of Ministry of Defence of RF. They are Techincom and Zuratcul. Specify the manufacture before making an order.

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