Knife 6H9 Ratnik

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The original knife 6H9 Ratnik "KAMPO" is a civilian equivalent of a military army Ratnik combat knife 6H9. Not a cold steel (reduced guard). Civilian equivalent of Ratnik knife 6H9 is intended for use in field conditions when practicing health and sports tourism, hunting, fishing.

Overall dimensions of the knife with a scabbard - no more than 330x70x35 mm

The length of the knife is no more than 281 mm

The scabbard is made of impact resistant plastic.

Blade is made with high-carbon stainless steel 95X18

6H9 with scabbard weights not more than 0.6 kg

Anti-glare blade coating

Completion of the civilian equivalent of the knife 6x9 "Warrior":

    Knife Ratnik;
    Multipurpose sheath with wire cutters and diamond bar for straightening the cutting edge;
    Case for a knife in a sheath;
    Safety cord;
    Additional strap for fixing the cover with a knife on the leg;
    Special latch for fastening the knife on the belt.

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