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The army backpack 6Sh118 new model is included in the set of combat equipment "Ratnik" and is intended for carrying and storing by the servicemen of equipment, property and other items of equipment when committing marches and movements. O

The backpack includes:

backpack (main volume)

removable pockets (3 pcs)

detachable valve

shoulder straps

skeleton (metal armor and plastic back)

helmet holder

The claimed characteristics of a new sample of the backpack 6Sh118:

backrest width 300 mm (+ \ - 10 mm)

Backrest height 670 mm (+ \ - 20 mm)

belt length 800 mm (+ \ - 20 mm)

product weight not more than 3.7 kg

volume 60 liters

up to 30kg positive buoyancy

The modified backpack can be used in all climatic regions at a temperature of -40 to +50 and relative humidity up to 98% at a temperature of +25.

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